Melting of Greenland glaciers will require more Americans to move more inland

A statement released several days ago by Andrew Yang, an American philanthropist and politician who has always been attentive to the environment, has led to a great deal of discussion. According to Yang, Americans living along the coasts should already begin to retreat inland or into higher areas in view of the rising sea level caused by global warming and in particular by melting Arctic ice.

According to Young, it is already too late to stop climate change and it is time for Americans to start settling near the hills as long as there is time to do things neatly. The idea was supported by an intervention on the CNN site of Josh Willis, NASA oceanographer, who clearly states that by the end of this century and by the next many meters of hinterland will be lost near the coasts.

The melting of the Greenland glaciers will be the main cause of the raising: “There is enough ice in Greenland to raise the sea level by 7.5 meters,” says the researcher, suggesting that the enormous volume of ice, even if it melts in part, it will cause devastating damage to the shores of the entire planet.

Together with his research team, Willis has in fact collected alarming data regarding Greenland, particularly in the last few months when various heatwaves hit the northernmost areas of the Americas, the United States and Asia. The surface temperature of Greenland is warming up and this is transforming this piece of land, once entirely covered by ice, into a “mess full of slush.”

The massive ice cap of this huge piece of land is weakening and that means problems for the whole world, not just for Americans.

Also of great concern are the sea temperatures that scientists have measured, particularly near the Helheim glacier, a glacier located on the east coast of Greenland that has unusually warm water all its depth, up to 2000 meters below the surface, which is above feeding the same melting ice.